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I want to share my story in the hopes that it will save at least one family from the emotional heartache and financial troubles Craig Sokol Sapp Rescue (also goes by Sapp Rescue) put me through, and the false hopes that he would help after months of unfulfilled promises.

I was interested in adopting a puppy for myself and my girlfriend, specifically to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday. I thought I found the perfect pup (an 8 week old lab/terrier mix) through Craig Sapp Rescue off http://adoptapet.com. Mr. Sapp and I spoke of the adoption and he gave me all the information, including the meeting place and the fee of $360. I told him the money was an issue and I would either have to wait until the following week when it was closer to my girlfriend's birthday and I would have the money or pass on this opportunity. I received a call from him the next day stating he would take $80 off the adoption fee and the new price would be $280 if I would adopt the next day, which he asked me not to share this discount with anyone. I thought this was a sign that it was meant to be.

I adopted our new puppy Bailey (Labeled SR-801 on the site) on Sunday March 3rd and surprised my girlfriend early. The first two days were great, and we bonded with our Bailey instantly. 2 days later we took her to the vet as she was not acting right and we were informed she had Parvovirus, which symptoms don't show for 5-7 days. If you are not familiar with Parvovirus, also called Parvo, it is a deadly virus that attacks the immune system and white blood cells of dogs, particularly puppies that come from the South (Here is a link with further info: http://pets.webmd.com/do… ). After research and discussing with our vet, we came to the conclusion she was given to us when she already had Parvo. Our vet gave us our options, either put her down or try around the clock treatment with only a 50% chance of survival. This being our first puppy, I wanted to do whatever it took and we chose the option to try and save her. Our Bailey passed away 4 days later on March 9th (my girlfriend's birthday) after being on fluids and medication in a 24 hour facility for 4 days.

I contacted Mr. Sapp regarding this, as our adoption contract stated he is not responsible for any incurring vet bills, but may be held responsible for reimbursement if the pet passes away from illness within 7 days. Our initial phone conversations were reassuring, stating he would reimburse me for the adoption fee of $280 and even try to help with some vet bills. He stated he would need some time to come up with the money, as he would need to take care of the Parvovirus on his premises as it is highly contagious. I told him that wouldn't be an issue and respected what he was doing and how he was handling this.

To make a long story short, weeks went by then months went by, and the excuses kept coming in. At this point all I was asking for was the initial $280 adoption fee (which now I see the reduction in price he gave me was a ploy to get rid of the dog, perhaps knowing she was sick). He seemed genuine on the phone, but I now realize he was telling me whatever I wanted to hear. He spoke to me about "his word" that he was not dodging the situation and the reimbursement would come. All lies. In our last conversation over a week ago, he stated he was mailing a $100 check and if I don't receive it he stated "...You can sue me or whatever". I live in New Jersey, he lives in South Carolina, and we made the exchange in Delaware so hopefully you see what my issue is there (suing out of state in small claims court is nearly impossible or costs a fortune in time, money, and travel).

I Emailed http://adoptapet.com regarding this, and have not heard a thing. The only thing I feel I can do at this point is share my story in the hopes that it helps other be more cautious with who you deal with when adopting, particular Mr. Craig Sokol Sapp. I respect the whole adoption thing, but the way Mr Sapp runs his adoption agency is highly unethical and I just don't want anybody else to go through what I went through. Not only being out over $1300 between the adoption fee and the vet bills, but also the emotional toll this placed on my girlfriend and I.

Please do your research and if you are reading this because you may be considering doing business with Mr Sapp (And I say business because there is no doubt in my mind he makes profit off pushing these puppies on people). His "Rescue" is stationed in Belton, South Carolina, but he advertises in Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Delaware, and occasionally Gibbsboro, NJ.

I invite Mr Sapp to respond to this, as I am no longer hearing from him.

Monetary Loss: $1500.


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Can you please tell me if you ever dealt with anyone named Betty Danley?

Snover, Michigan, United States #1253591

I don't think he is a genuine rescue.

Adopt locally.Why do you think he ships across state lines?

It's virtually impossible to litigate.Phone calls are easily ignored.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #1197534

I have cured 2 of my puppies that had parvo.I used raw liver with the blood, put it in a blender until smooth but not watery.

Then used a syringe to force feed them a little every hour. And do the same thing with water. About 3 days should do it. And I changed and cleaned their bedding every day.

Hope this helps if you should have this problem again.Alice Jett in Tennessee

Providence, Rhode Island, United States #1182914

I adopted a pup from Arkansas that used this transport "company".She came home with kennel cough, which luckily she was previously vaccinated for.

The dog I have at home was not prepared for the virus invasion and he is contracted a life threatening case of it. I received my rescue dog off of a windowless box truck with crates stacked to the ceiling. It was like I picked up a piece of furniture.

They hadn't cared for those dogs throughout that long trip from Arkansas to Connecticut.If I had known my new addition would be shipped under those circumstances I would have saved myself the emergency vet costs and had her transported properly.


I cannot help but to add the following simple message:

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOFREAKING EVER, bring another puppy into your household after having a separate puppy on the premises that was diagnosed with parvo.You can bleach, steam clean, change out bedding, replace carpeting or other non-sealed flooring, clean the living *** out of your yard, and it will be in vain.

Unless you wait AT MINIMUM until the new puppy is 16 weeks of age AND has had a full set of CPV vaccination boosters (AT MINIMUM...hopefully more like a set of DA2PP, but for the sake of the illness at hand, we'll disregard that), the new puppy will run a profound risk of contracting parvo themselves.

It would also be preferable to wait at minimum a year before looking for said 16 week old fully vaccinated puppy.

this is serious stuff, y'all.


Dude. Look at my Facebook page. (Laura Frances O'Rourke, Branford, CT.)This is a total scam, and a pathetic exploitation of animals


Do you know if he's also a Police officer? I am looking into complaints against an Officer Craig Sapp of Central S.C Dept. Or was?


You need to find out where your puppy was vaccinated.If it was at a vet, get the vaccination company's name and send them your vet bills with vet notes.

They have to pay for it if your pup was vaccinated with their anti-parvo medicine AT A VET'S OFFICE, not at a local feed store or by a lay person.


Pearce Stage Road Animal Hospital

Memphis, TN.

Look him up.

to Anonymous #1286352

Unfortunately this is untrue .no vaccination is 100% .there is ALWAYS a risk of contracting the disease.No dog no cat not even human vaccinations are 100% efective .



I ran across your story while working and felt compelled to tell you my perspective of the parvovirus.

Source: I live in the south.

Our family veterinarian discovered the first case of the parvovirus I believe in 1971; named it Tennessee Parvovirus. Our pup caught the virus at 4 months old last July AFTER being vaccinated for it. Luckily our puppy lived and also the vaccination company paid for her 7 day hospital stay, because she was vaccinated with their medicine.

What I know now about parvo:

1. It has mutated.

The current vaccinations are not working.

2. In the summer at night when the temperature doesn't drop below 80 degrees, it spreads like wild fire. 3. It mimics the human Ebola virus and attacks their digestive system.

So what I'm saying is it is very possible that this man did not know this 8 week old pup was sick when he brought it to you. It comes on so fast that your dog's first symptoms are lethargy followed by mucus in the stool and vomiting mucus. You guys played with this puppy for 2 whole days after he traveled a day watching him run around and play. The only way this man would have known the puppy had parvo was if he had a lot of other dogs sick with it and tested that one and purposely sent you him.

In that case, I would investigate him to see if that is a reoccurring issue or not. I know you guys went through a lot with the loss of your sweet puppy.

I know we did and I can't imagine what it would have felt like if we would have lost our sweet girl.

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